by Praise the Plague

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released September 13, 2018

© Praise the Plague 2018


all rights reserved



Praise the Plague Berlin, Germany


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Track Name: Anatomy of possession
I am nothing
bones to dust
flesh to rot
starring into the serpents eye
paralyzing with the urge
to destroy me
condemned – repressing insanity
vicious spell – layed upon me
darkness prevails everything
in this haze of lies
twisting my mind
my mistress
you are all i see
Track Name: Blackening Swarm
drifting into darkness
waiting for my mind to collapse
suffocation is setting in
putting an end to this misery
petrified – memories caving in
burden of my past
casting a mist – devouring me whole
death weighs heavy on me
blackening my thoughts
i keep dwelling in hollowness
Track Name: Minatory Aeons
I stare I breathe
in obscurity I slide
minatory truth
my salvation denied
sacrifice my demons
doomed in minatory aeons
the inner torn
my purgatory of mind
creation of scorn
the I – my shelter to hide
I´m gloom
covered in light
I´m pure silence
misery ignite
hostage of myself
captured in this shell
a palace of pain
my private hell
awaiting infinity
behind my wall
inanimate serenity
my minatory downfall
Track Name: Darkest of Seas
adrift from life
cold from the inside
starring into the void
along the abyss
at the rim of this land
there is nothing left
no beam of light
all is pitch black
leave me to rest
Track Name: Antagonist
abysmal being
cursed in obscurity
carnal parasite
my demigod of emptiness
malevolent whispers
an awefull embrace
guided by misery
my withered grace
arcane of the unlight
written in infinity
unspoken and unnamed
dwelled in agony

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